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Surgitech Wireless Probe Ultrasound Scanner
Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work in areas where there is no wifi?

Yes it will still work because it has a built-in wifi hot spot to connect with the phone, without the need for the hospital or clinic network.

Can I use it for MSK ultrasound?

Yes, the Linear Probe can be used for MSK.

Is your wireless ultrasound scanner medical grade?

Yes, our Wireless Ultrasound Probe is CE Certified, ISO & FDA Approved.

How many probes are there in one device?

The Dual Probe Ultrasound Scanner has 3 probe type, the linear, phased array & convex.

Does it have a needle guide for puncture?

Yes, it has a Puncture Assist Function with In-plane puncture guideline and Out-of-plane puncture guideline.

How do I sterilize or clean the probes?

After each use of the probe, use a lint-free cloth moistened with water or any ultrasound cleaning wipe to remove the ultrasound transmission gel from the probe. Make sure to turn off the probe and wipe the body of the probe down with a sanitized wipe for one (1) minute until visibly clean.

How do you save images and videos?

You can save images and videos directly onto the smart mobile device connected to your probes using save buttons in the App. Images are saved as .jpg and videos are saved as .avi.

How is the quality of the Probes? 

The Surgitech Probes are equipped with either 128 elements (Linear Probe & Convex Probe) or 192 elements (Dual Probe). 128 elements is the standard elements used for traditional cart-based ultrasound probes. Even better images can be achieved with 192 elements.

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