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Wireless Dual Probe Ultrasound Scanner
Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work in areas where there is no wifi?

Yes it will still work because it has a built-in wifi hot spot to connect with the phone, without the need for the hospital or clinic network.

Can I use it for MSK ultrasound?

Yes, it's Linear Probe can be used for MSK.

Is your wireless ultrasound scanner medical grade?

Yes, our Wireless Ultrasound Probe is CE Certified, ISO & FDA Approved.

How many probes are there in one device?

The Dual Probe Ultrasound Scanner has 3 probe type, the linear, phased array & convex.

Does it have a needle guide for puncture?

Yes, it has a Puncture Assist Function with In-plane puncture guideline and Out-of-plane puncture guideline.

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