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Blood Glucose Detection Method

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Preparation activities before blood collection

1. To ensure adequate bleeding during blood collection, keep hands clean, warm, and have good peripheral blood circulation. Warm water can increase blood circulation in the fingers, especially during cold seasons; therefore, wash your hands with warm water and avoid blood collection when your hands are cold.

2. The arm on the same side of the blood collection site will naturally droop for a few moments before being massaged to ensure the success of disposable blood collection, and the pain is mild.

3. Other methods that you can also try, if necessary:

Arms naturally droop, with the wrist joints acting as the fulcrum, gently throw the hands more than a dozen times, the action should be light, do not exert too hard, so as not to consume energy, lowering blood sugar levels.

Massage or press from the palm or fingertip to the tip to collect blood at the fingertips. A little numbness at the fingertips, pain can also be reduced, and the temporary relative congestion is conducive to blood collection; after the blood flow is restored to its original state, the fingertip blood flow is relatively reduced, which is conducive to stopping the bleeding.

Selection of the blood collection site

1. Avoid tying your fingertips

Compared to the rest of the finger, the tips are more painful due to the abundance of nerves there. A good place to draw blood is from the side of the finger, specifically the ring finger and small finger due to their reduced nerve supply. Everyone has the option to experiment further and locate less painful areas.

2. Replace your finger frequently for blood collection

Disperse the damage as evenly as possible across all affected sites instead of concentrating it in a small number of key areas. Keep in mind the location of the most recent transfusion and try to avoid it.

Alternative blood collection methods include rotating your fingers or using a syringe. Avoid getting any more blood on the sore finger and hold off on treating it until the pain subsides.

3. Other parts that can be replaced

The muscles under the big and small thumbs of the palm, known medically as the thenar and hypothenar muscles. Furthermore, the distribution of forearm nerves is less, the pain during blood collection is less than that of the fingertips, and blood sugar accuracy is better. You can consider replacing these locations to measure blood sugar when necessary.

Other Tips

1. Blood needles cannot be reused

Understand how to use blood collection needles correctly, and use a new blood collection needle for each blood collection. As the blood collection needle is used more frequently, it becomes blunt, exacerbating the pain.

2. Ask for family help

If possible, it is best to ask your family to help check your blood sugar.

3. Maintains a good mindset

The pain experienced when measuring blood sugar can be caused by both the blood sugar measurement and the diabetic patient's tension or anxiety.

Moderate adjust their mood and mentality, reducing the psychological burden, which can not only relieve pain but also affect blood sugar via the endocrine and nerve immune regulation systems, among other ways, to achieve the goal of controlling blood sugar and improving the condition.



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