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Why Hot Water Bag is not only for Heating

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Health functions:

Cold weather or winter is the season for hot water bags, but using them as simple heating devices is a mistake. It has a wide range of unexpected medical applications.

Promote wound healing:

With a hot water bag filled with warm water on the hand-hot compress, the wound was completely healed after a few days of continuous compression. Warm heat, for example, can stimulate tissue regeneration, relieve pain, and strengthen the role of tissue nutrition. When warm heat is applied to a wound on the body's surface, a large amount of serious exudate is produced, which can aid in the removal of pathological products. Heat has the ability to dilate blood vessels, increase vascular permeability, facilitate the release of tissue metabolites and nutrient absorption, inhibit the development of inflammation, and promote its healing.

Pain relief:

Applying a hot pack to your knee will quickly relieve the pain. A hot compress can not only relieve joint pain, but it can also significantly relieve low back pain, sciatica, and dysmenorrhea. Put a hot water bag on the local pain for 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, can also significantly relieve pain; To the subcutaneous hematoma caused by torsion and contusion, hot compress with a hot water bag can promote subcutaneous congestion absorption after 24 hours of injury.

Apply back cough:

Cold cough in the winter can be alleviated by filling a hot water bag with hot water, wrapping it in a thin towel, and applying it to the back to drive away the cold. Hot back compress can cause the upper respiratory tract, trachea, lung, and other parts of the blood vessel expansion and blood circulation to be accelerated, thereby enhancing the phagocytic ability of metabolism and white blood cells, and coughing. This method is particularly effective for coughs with an early onset.


When you sleep with a hot water bag on the back of your neck, you will feel warm and comfortable. Your hands will feel warm first, followed by your feet. This method is also appropriate for the treatment of cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of the shoulder. In addition, at the onset of mastitis, placing a hot water bag on the local pain for 20 minutes, twice a day, can promote blood circulation and remove blood clots; I.V. infusion is not unobstructed, but a hot compress with a hot water bag can be. Penicillin of long-term hip muscle injection and needle, muscle injection is local and prone to cause induration and accompanying pain; a hot compress of a hot water bag can enhance the absorption of the medication's fluids, prevent or eliminate induration. To decrease the rate at which the hot water bag releases heat, the protruding portion of the hot water zone can be smaller than the contact area of the human body.

Development process:

A traditional hot water bottle consists of an empty, typically square rubber bag with a hot water inlet and a plug, typically a spiral plug, to seal it. It warms the body by filling it with hot water. With the advancement of science and technology, a new type of hot water bag has emerged on the market: the electric hot water bag and the electric heating cake. Electric hot water bag water storage types, by loading liquid, there is a heater inside, plug in the power supply to heat the liquid in the bag, to achieve the purpose of heating. Thermal insulation foam is used to fill the electric cake. When the power supply is connected, the thermal insulation foam inside can be heated to achieve the heating effect.

Injection method:

  • Water injection:

Water injection can be done only once. (Never change the water again) The injection volume is appropriate for the product purchased.

  • Exhaust:

One: after the completion of water injection, to exhaust, screw the water injection port to make it at the highest point, and then slow down, when the water injection port liquid overflow, with a small plug water injection port. (The top of the small plug and the top of the water injection can be flat)

Two: use a dry cloth or towel to carefully dry the watermarks on the charging base and bag body, to ensure that the surface of the product is dry, then you can start charging.


It is not appropriate to pour boiling water, approximately 90 degrees Celsius of hot water, to prevent the rubber from aging prematurely. Fill it to about two-thirds of the way, then drain the air from the bag and tighten the plug. After use, drain the water and blow some air into the inner wall to keep it from sticking. Hang upside down.


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